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Hey, if the dwarf meat is already roasted, it would be a shame to waste it.

And this from a player of dwarfs. When entering the village and being ambushed by goblins, one of them comments that, "We should get a few cuts from you". I looked at the avatar and thought, "yeah, you're probably right".

Slightly more seriously, this raises that long-debated question over what constitutes cannibalism in a fantasy world where there are many intelligent species (okay they call them races, but that's semantics). The actual definition is that you eat a member of your own species, but in FRPGs things tend to get more blurred so that, for example, a dwarf eating a halfling is liable to be viewed as a 'cannibal'.

If the half-orc eats the half-elf, is that quarter-cannibalism?

What interesting questions the game poses for us! It is better if we answer them now, and help Larian do something about it, than after the release they will be covered by American critics

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