Druid is the class most looking forward into playing, my favorite 2 subclasses are circle of the moon, and for a caster type circle of wildfires( i know the latter is UA but its by far the best caster type.Circle of Spores is also UA but is my third choice for sub class for druid, circle of land is awful on its own.)

For honorable mentions: paladin as subclass oathbreaker, and Monk with Way of the Long Death( way of the Kensai is also useful) I think the only class I really don't care for though is Bard, i think it should be added for authenticness sake and the few people in this world that actually like bard class, but really would prefer Artificer over Bard, and yeah before anyone says it i know artificer is primarily a class for Eberron campaigns, there is nothing that says you can't be an artificer in Faerun. And it is an official class for D&D 5e.

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