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This isnt true. TB system is a niche and favored by some, but real time gaming is basicly the standard in all games, ecxept those which are pure tactical (civilization etc). Im pretty sure this will reach a broader customer base if it is real time, or we had the option to choose.
The reason D&D is TB is because it is not a video game. There are plenty if things in BG3 that doesnt reflect D&D, so this should not be the reason to exclude real time combat.

If they want the game to reach heights like Dragon age, Witcher and Skyrim they need more immersive combat in real time to appeal to the average rpg-joe.

Totally agree. It is RT/wP that is the advanced combat system that truly reflects how combat actually happens in real life. TB combat is completely fake, and not even truly tactical because for something to be truly tactical there has to be the element of dynamic time in the combat where the actions of all sides are happening simultaneously and you are trying to tactically react to your opponents. Reacting dynamically to an opponent is what makes something tactical. Playing a game with TB combat is like lighting your house with oil lamps even though you have electricity (RT/wP) available.

Besides, yeah, TB fans can be as entitled as they want but TB RPGs will never be as popular as RT/wP RPGs, because those RT/wP games provide a much more immersive and engaging RPG experience than any TB game possibly can. TB games are just boring sequential action-reaction combat games and that's it. So what I am hoping for is that WotC will someday give me a Dragon Age/Witcher-like game using the Forgotten Realms setting. I don't at all give a damn about D&D tabletop mechanics because I want a video game and not a stupid tabletop game.