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I love Wyll. He is the first chaotic neutral character I have seen done with nuance.

And if you think Wyll isn’t chaotic neutral:

when given the chance he tortures an innocent man for information on where to find his patron. This is chaotic neutral. It’s not just an alignment for lunatics, but also somebody’s whose sense of morality is entirely contingent. Wyll will teach refugee children self defense one day (especially when he knows others are watching him do it) but kill a foe whom surrenders or torture an innocent man the next.

This is why Wyll is my favorite companion so far.

Ehh... iirc, his first response of the "offer" to torture is like "No way!". There is a following option where you can push him to do it. Seems like at that point and given his first response the onus lies more on you. Given what I have seen with his approval of dialog choices regarding helping people and being nice, I would put him solidly in chaotic good.

A chaotic good character wouldn’t be persuaded into torturing an innocent person. Wyll has a sense of morality, but he is driven by ego and is willing to set aside his morals in the right circumstances. He is morally inconsistent, and this is chaotic neutral.