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Rules adjustment:

-Use scrolls from class spell list only
-Cast a single spell per turn (unless another is cantrip)
-Offhand using modifier on hit instead of damage (without fighting style)
-Changing weapon mid combat uses bonus action
-Add 2 Short rest or full hp single short rest.
-High Ground and backstab are op. Maybe give it a minor bonus such a +2 to hit.
-Knockout as a toggle button with same damage
-Arcane Ward not working properly it should be 2*wizLevel+int, not a flat 3.
-Change spells only on acampment
-Shove as an action
-100% to hit? Critical miss is always an option.


-Add Shield and Spiritual Weapon spells.
-Add Dodge action.
-Separate Disengage from Jump.
-Targetable character portraits.
-Drop down spell menu during combat. HUGE improvement in gameplay.
-Make battle log more explicit and add timestamp.
-Show d20 rolls above character head. Adds a lot of excitement!
-Eating food should be reimplemented to only outside of combat.


-Game has too many surfaces.
-Too many surfaces. I mean it.
-Rest should be localized. Long resting on a dungeon? Err... nope.
-Candles are op. You know what I mean.
-HP bloat. Low Ac and high hp benefits attack rolls A LOT. saving throw spells sucks in comparison.
-Sort button more explicit
-Magical pockets outside of battle only
-Hide passive rolls if failed, be it insight, perception, etc.
-Level Cap, at least 15... please

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