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Hey Larian Studios :),

I've just been to the tree in the swamp, and I wanted to talk to Zevlor about her being in league with the Shadow Druids before confronting her, but there isn't an option to do so. Could we get something in like that?


The only time ive found it is when you havent talked to her as shes about to kill the child yet. I got it, then saved the kid, and then in that dialog accused her. You can turn her to the light side after that. But I didnt find it in any future conversations.

Being able to talk with Rath about it before confronting her would be nice to be able to do as well. Currently I can only volunteer to find Haslin with Rath. If I could say "Bruh, I think Kagha is a shadow druid" it might give some interesting roleplaying.