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I love DDO though it has been shifting further away from DND. Still a great game in its own right.

BG3 is the first worthy replacement I've seen!

When you say that DDO is shifting away from D&D, do you mean that the 3e ruleset is less relevant, or that DDO themselves have changed the game away from the 3e rules?

Yes, I'm enjoying BG3 as well. D&D is not my first choice for an RPG but I've been playing it for over 40 years and it feels comfortable. I also like Pathfinder:Kingmaker, having been burned in the debacle that was Pathfinder Online and resigning myself to never seeing a proper PF CRPG.

Well enemies with hundreds of thousands of hit points isn't a D&D mechanic but an MMO raid mechanic. The nature of the game became full grind and level up as fast as possible to the point that every group is speed running everything, so if you don't know how to get to every quest you're screwed because no one will wait for you.

The D&D features were heavily hampered by the typical MMO grindfest and player base. I've given up on the MMO / forced multiplayer genre as a whole now.

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