Here is a list of bugs I have encountered. No way telling whether they have been listed already...

I played a drow rogue on Stadia.

- Door in the second floor of the watch house. The trader can shoot through it, I cannot. It was closed.
- Custom key keybindings not saved on Stadia
- Camping after killing the goblin bosses: Shadowheart complains about some kind of problems. My character just watches her and nothing happens. In other words, it is not possible to camp after this occasion.
- Can fast travel away from the temple of Selune making feeling after attacking the goblins too easy
- Karlach doesn't disappear after the quest is complete and paladins killed no matter what is chosen in the discussion afterward
- Traders drop sold items allowing exploiting the system
- AoE skills (Thunderwave and burning hands at least) do not always work. This happened in the room where the goblin king was and in the Zhantarim hideout
- The Githyanki just disappear if you talk your way out of the fight. The "Find the Githyaki Creche" quest stalls without resolution
- Zantarim hideout: they let me in but randomly attack when I try to talk to Zarys. This is because they get aggressive if I go to the second floor where Zarys is.
- Drow weapon proficiencies: scimitar, not rapier.
- Every time I fast travel to my camp after finishing the druid main quest, one of my companions or pets attacks me. I have to kill them to solve the issue. They seem to think that I am an intruder. Started with Scratch, then with Astarion, and so it goes. I don't know what happens when I run out of things to kill in the camp.

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