What I find interesting is you can hack and slash your way to winning by killing anything and everything in your way and no one has an issue, show a tittie and people lose their minds.

Personally, I like diversity and would like a whole lot more to do then the continual mass murder that seems to make up most games today.

How about going back to games like Quest for Glory where you had the ability to talk your way out of fights and sneak around issues etc! So far this game has a little of that and I am hoping for a lot more.

And sex, seriously what is the harm? Put it in and let those of us that are adults make up our own minds whether we are tired of murdering and would like to see something pretty instead.

How is it that people in the 21st century still think like their puritan ancestors of centuries gone by? Careful, don’t show them a phone, they will kill you for witchcraft (after all murder is fine)!