From my other thread, plus a couple others.


  • Combat 1: Enemies don't seem to know that they can dash. It took three turns of waiting before the first redcap arrived at the teahouse, because I wanted to keep them in the doorway.
  • Combat 2, "HP Bloat": The biggest example of this is the goblins. In the MM, they're AC 15 and HP 7. In BG3, they're AC 7, HP 15+. This means that, if wearing leather armour (11) and using a shield (+2), their Dexterity score can only be -1 or -2 (giving a -6 modifier to AC, initiative, Dexterity-based skills and saves, etc). However, this is only being applied to their AC - it seems like their Dexterity is otherwise unchanged (I don't have the game loaded up, so correct me if necessary). I've read bits and pieces of people saying that the reasoning is because people were missing too often, but that sounds to me like it's more of a problem with your random number generator. The average roll for a d20 is 10.5, so with a 16 or higher score in your attack stat, you should be hitting more often than not (+3 modifier, +2 proficiency bonus). It's one thing if they're a boss, miniboss, or otherwise a special character, but that's not what we're dealing with here. I love the variety in goblins, so they're not all the same thing, but the challenge with fighting goblins (in this example) shouldn't come from them being a pile of hit points. Which brings me to Combat 3 and 4...
  • Combat 3, Enemy AI: This takes into account both of the previous points. Enemies should make use of their abilities like dash more often, yes. But going back to the goblin example, the challenge with fighting them isn't in their HP or damage output, it's that they use hit and run tactics. Goblins should be dangerous in that they run up, attack indiscriminately, then disengage and run away using their Nimble Escape feature. Bugbears and most beasts should prioritize the biggest and toughest looking one (for the challenge, or just to get the threat out of the way). Hobgoblins, being the strategic masters, should be prioritizing the actual biggest threat - if not going for the wizard or healers first themselves, then telling their subordinates to do so. The only enemies that should be targeting downed characters are intelligent bosses who really want to get someone out of the way or to be cruel. Beasts and most regular enemies should just move on to the next threat.
  • Combat 4, HP Again: As I said earlier, a stack of hit points isn't always fun. However, you could work this into the game by offering difficulties. Normal gives creatures their average hit points (for example, 7 for your average goblin). Hard gives creatures their maximum HP (12 for goblins). And then a truly random setting, probably with a warning about increased load times, by having the actual dice rolled (a goblin will have between 2 and 12 from their 2d6; a hobgoblin captain will have between 18 and 60 from their 6d8+12; etc).


  • Attunement: Magic items are missing the attunement quality. This really should be added. I checked D&D Beyond, and most rare or rarer items require attunement, with a few uncommon also requiring it. This is mainly when an item gives you an ability or stat increase (aside from +1/2/3 to AC, hit, or damage). To make it more gamey, you can remove the time requirement for attunement, but still have the attunement slots.


  • AI Pathfinding: NPCs running through hazards or over traps is a known quantity, but there are other things that I've come across (bug report pending). There will be times where I click to move somewhere, then the rest of the party just falls off. Most of the time this is just an annoyance, since they teleport either to beside me or to the destination without taking damage. However, I had one instance yesterday of the party running ahead of me, not setting off a trap, then running off a cliff. They all took fall damage (Gale even gave me crap for attacking him). Then I set off the trap and took the fire damage. I ended up having to explore with the others until I found a waypoint and could fast travel my PC to them.
  • Journal: Please add a Journal. There's currently a quest log, and I've seen requests within this thread asking for adding manual notes and tutorial/rules explanations. Doing this, you could separate it into Quests, Tutorials, Rules, and Notes. Whether you do manual notetaking or not, letters picked up in game should be in this menu. A single page shouldn't take up an entire inventory slot, and shouldn't be worth 1 gp, so this would help to reduce the clutter.
  • Log 1: The log has a lot of missing things in it, and could be improved. There are a lot of places where it will say something like "Astarian did ." What did Astarian do? No idea.
  • Log 2: When checks are made it currently says "Astarian made a Perception check", but it should say "succeeded on" or "failed".
  • Log 3: When things in the world are noticed, the log should say so. "Astarian succeeded on a Perception Check. He noticed a lever." This way you actually know what to look for, rather than trying to find something that glinted once and now blends back in with the background.
  • Log 4: I agree with people complaining about die rolls not being shown. Rather than it being a hover-over tooltip, it should show the total roll. "Astarian rolled a 16 on his sneak attack. Goblin Boss takes 8 damage." Then, have a hover-over tooltip that shows the exact rolls, modifiers, and total.
  • Spells 2: Some spells (bless, for example) say that you can choose up to X creatures, but then automatically select for you. These should have the same selection of targets as spells like magic missile, allowing you to select which three in the radius are blessed.
  • Spells 3: Some spells are duplicated in higher levels even if they can't be cast at higher levels (faery fire, for instance).
  • Spells 4: There's no need for faerie fire to affect objects.
  • Target Self: Actions that can only target yourself (not including spells) - dash, disengage (if it's separated from jump), action surge, etc - shouldn't require a second click. People who haven't played your previous games don't always realize that they do (even I forget sometimes). See, as evidence, Many a True Nerd's livestream.
  • Trader Cash Refresh: I may be the only person who has a problem with this, but traders refresh their gold too fast. If I sell 2,000 gold worth of stuff to a trader, they shouldn't have another 2,000 available after I long rest. Unless items sold to them have been removed from their inventory to simulate others purchasing items while you're away, it should take time to refresh.
  • Voice Acting, PC Voices: I know it's EA, which makes the number of voices make sense. However, I'd like to put forward a request for additional accents. Not just "Generic British", but also Welsh, Australian, Kiwi, African, Slavic, and so on. Give us a dearth of options.