Still thinking what to make of my character as I've gotten little answers so far, probably Chaotic Neutral, he's egoistic, but not egocentric or egotistic, he especially cares about fellow Tieflings, that said, if they get in his way..
His goal in getting more powerful is to gain control of more of the world, perhaps just for himself, perhaps to protect his kin, given the hatred they get, clearly the prejudice of them being seen as devil-worshipers isn't going away either way, so he might as well just do that and bring down the wrath of the hells upon the mortals who seel to defy him or his kin.

The tadpole might be another issue, not sure how he'll react to it.

The ideal endgoal being one of "being the new god of this world" - not sure how that'll turn out given d&d's power scaling...

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