Thank you for your reply.

I am aware of the fact that the RTWP vs TB debate has been done to death so I didn't really want to go there but couldn't resist using at least a single sentence to use as a stick to poke that particular anthill. Perhaps it would be possible to upgrade the RTWP model to amend some of the things that many people consider to be unsatisfactory in the Infinity games. It doesn't really matter - as I have written above, I have already accepted that this game will be turn-based, but I think it would be beneficial to have an option to increase speed during large portions of combat. I have never finished D:OS, and one reason behind this was that I felt forced to watch the same combat animations over and over again with no option to speed them up.

That said, I can confirm that playing the Infinity games in multiplayer can not only work but also be a lot of fun. I've successfully completed a no-reload/permadeath playthrough of Baldur's Gate with two of my close friends and we're currently on the last chapter of Shadows of Amn. I can tell you it's very intense and I haven't had that sort of exhilarating experience in any turn based cRPG. You just have to select a person to pause and unpause the action after discussing your strategy and improvise if things go wrong. It helps that we've been playing the game since it first came out so we usually know where and when to expect the biggest challenges, but it is doable and very enjoyable.

I agree that it's hard to evoke the 'feel' of the Infinity games, but I honestly feel titles like Pillars of Eternity or even Sword Coast Legends have managed to at least respectfully aknowledge the traditions established by them (interestingly, more so, IMHO, that the Beamdog 'reimaginings' and Siege of Dragonspear entry, which proved that just another BG game is exactly what the fans DON'T need). I think it's just disrespectful to the fans of any series to blatantly make use of the name associated with it for something that is not intended to please said fans. Especially since it's the little things that could make a difference - a nod here or there to the original UI, some of the icons, some... mimicry, to lack a better word. Not just plugging "you must gather your party" or bringing back Minsc just like in any other BG-related WotC cash-in. But perhaps introducing cosmetic 'limitations' to all this new glitter and polish, such as hearing a command from a party member when you click on them. Or having chapter introductions read by a narrator and scrolling up the screen. Having an NPC walking through a forest area and having little more to say than a couple of lines of dialogue about the weather. Simple touches that could make accepting this new product easier by long-time fans of the series.

On the other hand, I am a maniac when it comes to the original games, still playing them today, modding them and looking for something that would inspire and fascinate me the way they still do. Of course I can just sit down and pretend there is no third installment (the 5e "Murder in Baldur's Gate" and "Heroes of Baldur's Gate" modules notwithstanding). But it still stings, you know...

"Tiax rules. Make way."