My problem with DDO is that they keep doing revamps and system additions that create huge hurdles for new players. If you haven't been playing forever and done the reincarnation train, a lot of the game is pretty close to inaccessible unless you find a group of experienced players willing to let you piggyback. And that just isn't fun. Spellcasting DCs in the heroics are so high for example, that casters aren't very functional at all if you don't have TR bonuses. Good luck in reaper mode after the rebalancing if you don't have a million reaper points already. They are also changing looting so that quests will permanently ransack until you true reincarnate. Once again, screwing over new/newer players who won't have had years of collecting loot.

They continue to rebalance against the playing habits of old players. But the problem with this in a game like DDO is that the entire game is about reincarnating and replaying content. So any rebalancing for older many times reincarnated characters kicks new players in the teeth. I love the game, but ended up quitting because everyone I ever tried to introduce to the game ended up leaving because the new player experience is that awful, and it only gets worse every time they rebalance.