1) Whenever I have the entire party go into Stealth mode, more often than not one party member won't move. so if I have one party member move, 2 others will follow but the last member stays without moving. The stationary party member must then be moved individually by unlinking them from the rest of the party. This doesn't happen ALL the time, but it happens quite a bit.

2) Sometimes when I use mage hand in combat enemies, the "hand" does not enter the combat initiative order and acts as if combat is not happening. enemies also completely ignore it. other times it will either immediately enter the combat turn order or move around freely for a while before entering the combat turn order.

3) When making skill checks(eg: persuasion check) my character who get a +4 bonus to the dice roll, rolls a value less than 5. given that the roll should be 1d20+4 it should be impossible to roll less than 5?