I see a ton of people complaining about the current companions, not because of their class/stats, but because they are mean

I mean, of course they are mean! (see what I did there?) They are completely different personalities tied together against their will, strangers to one another and forced to stay together for a "common goal". Oh, and that goal is to get rid of a BRAIN PARASITE WHO IS GOING TO EAT THEM IN A MATTER OF SECONDS for what they know. In their pants I will be a lot meaner to whoever would dear to breath too close to me, in fact, they are not even close to how mean and on the edge they should realistically be.
We are not playing a story where we should calmly cooperate and go to the adventure with a smile on our faces, we are playing a race against time, completely blind to whatever is happening to us. How can anyone expect to have a friendly and relaxed relationship in such conditions?

I think the characters are written exquisitely, even when they are edgy and/or disrespectful to one another. Not to mention that after no more than 15 hours, Gale and Wyll told me I'm a friend and that they respect and are grateful to me, Astarion started to be flirty, I kissed Shadowheart and even Lae'zel who sees my race as little more than monkey said she respect me as a warrior.

In this forum I have found lots of valid criticism to the game but sometimes it seems to me people just want to complain. Everyone is mean to me, female NPCs are not nice enough, male NPS are not rough enough, combat is too difficult because the AI does the most logical thing and target the lowest AC character as a priority.
C'mon guys, we are better than this.

I can understand someone not liking the personality of a character, fair enough, but not liking it without considering the context is a weak argumentation.

EDIT: I to have found Shadowheart talking to me like shit after our kiss, but remember that in this early access a lot of conversations are screwed up both in timing and context, they are going to fix it.

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