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The loyal Dungeons & Dragons Online community has begun to try out the game (our D&D community been together since 2006). Many DDO players started playing D&D games when the SSI Gold Box games were a thing on the Commodore 64, 128 and AMIGA back in the 1980s!! Pool of Radiance, Dark Queen of Krynn and Curse of Asure Bonds.

Where are the OLD SCHOOL GAMERS and how DO YOU LIKE the potential of Baldur's Gate 3?

We are definitely looking for feedback from the gamers who played the turn based D&D products of years ago.

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I remember playing all those old Gold Box games and pretty much every D&D computer game ever since. BG3 looks great visually, the character models, cutscenes, environments, companions, and story will likely be epic but ... I would highly recommend checking out Solasta which releases in Early Access October 20th on Steam. It is not set in Forgotten Realms but is a D&D game in a new original setting. It stays very true to the 5e rule set and looks like it will be excellent.