A brief update: nowhere near done yet but a few things implemented or at least the intention to get on with it.

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... My concern is that potentially useful user feedback will get lost because people won't know where to post it (in new thread in this forum for the mega-thread in the Guides & Compilations forum). I suppose ultimately it depends on what you intend to do with the Guides & Compilations Forum, but if you want users to post there (to add to the Feedback mega-thread for example) having the first word of the sub-forum name be "Guides" might confuse people.

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I could change the wording around if you think that would help. It can easily be amended to reflect its primary purpose at any given time.

I have reworded the forum title and description which is hopefully a bit clearer, though I am happy for suggestions and other feedback if it's not quite "there" yet.

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Perhaps then create 'official' threads for certain popular topics (Too many surfaces, some Bonus Actions should be Actions, Cantrips overtuned, etc.) so that once they get big enough, the feedback can be organized by topic within the "Compilation/Master Feedback" forum? Or alternatively, just move the existing threads on those topics to the new sub-forum? Players will be able to continue the discussions on the topics that are moved into the new sub-forum while simultaneously freeing up real estate in the main Feedback forum?

My current plan is to swipe some of the more active topics (with a courtesy PM to the OP with the option to put it back where it was if they're not keen) which can be retitled if necessary. Suggestions are welcome.

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May I suggest that you pin at least pin the 3 or 4 popular topics on the suggestion forum that will constantly get brought up?
Like character creation, evil path feedback and party size, Origin Character feedback for example.

I only say this to make it easier for Larian so they are no going through 30 pages of threads but just 4 to get a good splash of the general feedback.

That is a possibility I'd considered; my main concern is that even just three or four combined with my pinned list of stuff and typically 1-2 global announcements creates a big enough block of seemingly unchanging stuff that people will probably just skim over it; and it doesn't leave a lot of latitude for adding stuff. This is my attempt to find something that works but it isn't set in stone, so if it doesn't work out we'll try something else.

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People are already using this thread in the same way they were using the other thread that you just moved, as a place to list their feedback summaries and ideas. Not sure if that was what you wanted? I'm certain its because peeps know you are the main active mod right now and thus a potential conduit to the devs. So they will post their stuff where they think its likely to get the desired eyeballs on it, even if that's not exactly what you're after. Or maybe its because they expect you to be editing and distilling all this information into a giant list or something continously? That's a pretty daunting task to take on.

Do you have the power to create/rename forum categories?

If so I would suggest adding "EA" (early access) to each of the forums headings in the Baldur's Gate III section. [snip]

Thanks very much for the feedback! I'm still playing catch-up (somewhat busy and lacking in sleep lately) but I'll go through your handy list and see what might be helpful to implement; I'll also post it in the moderators' forum for comments there too.

Thanks so much for your time and comments, all. smile

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