I get the debate, but I honestly dont understand the comparisons with Skyrim and Witcher. Skyrim is a real time action game, never had a pause, and scratches a completely different itch. Witcher is the same and its even less an RPG because you have a pre-defined character with a pre-defined set of skills and spells. Neither of them are party-based either. Dragon Age was great when Origins was released, but its tactical element pretty much died after the first game.

If people want popularity like Skyrim then they might as well throw D&D out of the water and leave the party behind. Bethesda did that turning isometric turn-based Fallout into a post-apocalyptic Elder Scrolls, and we know how fans reacted. Not to mention that all the numerous threads and comments complaining about the party size probably mean that no party at all would be a blasphemy.

If we talk comparisons for the audience then lets compare to Pathfinder Kingmaker and Pillars of Eternity, which sort of becomes moot since neither of the games sold as much as Divinity Original Sin 2. Wasteland 2 and now 3 are turn-based games as well.

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