OP got Shadowheart's kiss? Damn, I'm doing something very wrong. She won't even pretend to talk to me like that. LOL!

Astarion isn't just flirty. He's an outright horn dog that proposed sex during the Druid/Tiefling party. He needs to drink less. LOL! Gale claims he respects me, but I think he's just saying it because he wants me to steal the most powerful magic items I can get my hands on. Still not sure how to get the Idol of Silvanus as a wizard and not get caught. I even tried using Invisibility and the moment I took the idol, Invis got dropped...anyway.

I honestly don't think the NPCs are all that mean. Not to me, anyway. A bit shifty, but not mean. They may think I'm a bit goody-goodie...mainly because I'm trying to be. I'm trying to be Neutral or Lawful Good. It frankly looks like the game is pretty good with the effects of "Person Approves/Disapproves" comments.