49 hours for my first playthrough, here are some bugs (if I didn't post specific topics about them already) and then some feedback. Enjoyed the experience and looking forward to more!

Wyll at the Windmill: The goblin died from a OOP attack and there was no dialog / response from Wyll at the time. Dialog kicked in “I wanted em alive” several minutes later after killing something else, in a different fight.

Losing equipped weapons: I right clicked -> equiped a torch and it made the rapier I was wielding disappear.

Devil's Sight: Either doesn't work at all, or doesn't work on Wyll. This should also differ from darkvision by letting you see in magical darkness (aka Darkness spell).

Hunt a Devil: When I was trying to piece together what each group was about I used Speak with Dead on a refugee corpse, then Lae'zel wanted to butt in and mentioned a bunch of things like Andre's blade as if we'd heard about them before, but I hadn't. Additionally this quest didn't correctly complete when I killed the people at the toll house and reported back to Karlach.

Disguise Self Scroll: I tried to use one of these scrolls on multiple characters and couldn't get it to work. First click would start it, but all mousing over options were "Invalid Target."

Haste Spores: You can move in and out to keep regaining actions and movement, forever.

Frightened: This should end or cease doing anything when the one that applied the effect is dead. Additionally, it (and maybe this was because the frightener was dead) right now it's also preventing the target from doing anything other than fleeing, but this makes no sense because the description talks about having disadvantage against the frightener etc. Can't have disadvantage if you can't actually do anything at all.

Sunwalker's Gift (ring): Description sounds like this should have a light cantrip, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

Colossus Slayer: I'm not sure if these happen 100% but I noticed three bugs. It doesn't stack with Hunter's Mark, the target takes Hunter's Mark damage and there is no mention of Colossus slayer. I've seen Colossus Slayer apply on the first hit to something, the way it's worded implies to me that it only happens if they aren't. If the first hit counts as the target not being at 100% any more... new wording is required. This ability is being applied when you try to use knock out, and thus kills the target.

Fog Cloud: I didn't use this much, so this bug occurred when I used it on the duergar in the opposite ship right before the end. I used it on a group with crossbows and every round they just stood there, saying stuff, but not bothering to move out of it or do anything. The alchemist was the exception, who did move out of it and continue as normal.

Arcane Tower Button: When you try to press it you go down one floor and press it from below.

Lockpicking: In the combat log, this logs twice, once correctly and a second time that always says the failed.

Not sure if bug:
Various items do stuff when a character heals a character. This stuff triggers when they eat food, which seems a bit overpowered. However, this stuff does NOT trigger when you use the gnoll weapon that heals the character when they hit something with it.

The hag: She's invisible, and if you uncover her, she doesn't fight back, at least she didn't for me.

Feedback: (emphasis on my top concerns)
There are too many containers, and in general, to much random stuff that just acts as trash. Please consider making a LOT of the containers into non-containers. I feel pushed to check every little thing and it gets really boring opening 20 containers per room. Related to this, please consider just toning down how much random white equipment there is after the first few levels.

Inconsistent Item expectations: Some items you can examine to determine a price before picking them up. Other's you cannot. You usually assume if you can't examine it that it's worth nothing but this isn't always true.

Initiative Order: The grouping of teammates is a nice feature, but I think this wasn't explained in the tutorial (I could be wrong).

Druid Town: I felt very overwhelmed when first arriving here. There are a LOT of NPCs to talk to, and it might just be me, but I feel like I have to talk to everyone in order to make sure I've found all the quests, etc.

Ground effects: These aren't visible. While the movement indicator helps you recognize them in combat, outside of combat they can be quite annoying. Seems like they should expire as well. Acid never seems to go away.

Magical 2handed weapons: There seems to be far more of these than other magical weapons. I think the first 3-4 magical weapons I found were 2handers. Sucks when you don't have anyone using one in the party.

CHA and Selling items: It is incredibly annoying to move items to a single character in order to sell them at the highest price (due to CHA). Charisma is already such a strong stat for Persuasion, Intimidation or Deception, please consider either not tying it to trade value or even better, making the trade take the highest CHA in the party so there is no need to move items around.

Magical arrows: This seems like a huge departure from D&D. Most of them aren't super powerful, but my Ranger main already seemed very strong compared to the Warlock and Mage. Higher hit chance, much higher damage (hunter's mark + colossus slayer). Some of them are just way to strong, really taking away the role of caster types (arrow of Darkness) etc.

Almost every companion wants to sleep with you... really fast. I think it would be more interesting if that either came later or required a bit more effort.

Pets: Not following you up and down ledges and such is quite annoying. Maybe an option for them to perch on you or something until combat would be nice.

Splitting the party to jump is so tedious. Would be happy with a "group" jump option that tells you if a certain member can't make the distance.

Laezel's encounter with the other Githranki: It seemed very odd to me that after they attacked us and we killed them that there wasn't any sort of dialog from her about that.

XP: Right now it's hard for me to judge how XP gained in the EA will tie into the rest of the game. In general, I want there to be near equivalence between solving things in combat vs solving them in other ways. There are many different ways to approach this, but ultimately I don't want to feel compelled to kill everything in order to get the "best" reward. Some people worry about being under leveled, but I find that being over leveled is far more common problem in video games. You could potentially cap each act/chapter like you are doing to EA now. That removes the pressure and means that at each stage players aren't over/under.

Party Composition: I'm actually very happy with a 4 person party, I don't want 5 or 6. I hope you are already considering an option to allow the player to either completely respec the companions into different classes or allow us to fill our party with non-companions so that we can make completely customizable parties (similar to what 4 people in multiplayer could do).

The evil player: I read a very nice writeup from someone who played through as evil and took notes along the way. I was impressed at many of the story paths that existed for them to go down. However they still felt like the support for such a thing fell short (loss of merchants for one thing). So I just want to put my voice out there to encourage more of that sort of thing.

Camera controls: I found several times I really wanted to be able to turn the camera to look up at the ceiling (usually because there was something up there). I'm not sure if this is a technical limitation, but it would be a nice QoL addition.

More transparency / info: Does STR contribute to shove? Is it contested by their STR or DEX? Stuff like this.

Sneak Attack: Would this make more sense as a toggle? In 5E one of the benefits of dual wielding as a Rogue is that if you miss with your main weapon you can still get your sneak attack damage on your offhand. You can also get it when someone leaves your space and you get a OOP on them.

Food / Resting: I'm not sure how I feel about this. In the first 3/4 of the game, food felt over powered. I was 35 hours in and had only long rested twice I think. OTOH, you can basically just long rest as often as you want, which seems wrong. I'd prefer some means to limit long rest, reducing the food out there, and increasing the short rest use from 1 to 2 times per long rest.

The Bonus Actions: I figure you have a good reason for diverging from D&D so much on these. It felt incredibly easy to avoid getting OOPs using jump, and the fact that you can then attack as normal is pretty strong. Definitely something to keep an eye on.

Backstab: Given that there seems no risk, and at worse you can't accomplish this because there are obstacles in the way, this seems like an unnecessary departure from D&D rules.

Concentration: I could have missed this, but I didn't see something that would let me drop concentration on demand. This should be added in some capacity.

Cantrips: On Gale, I used Firebolt, the Acid, and the Frost cantrips 99% of the time. Probably one of the reasons I didn't feel compelled to long rest much is because I usually horded his spell slots for "in case" circumstances, but part of it was that these were just so strong. Acid to lower AC, Frost to knock them down, and Fire for decent damage.

Finally, I just want to reiterate that I really enjoyed the game and look forward to the rest of it. I know most of this feedback is on the negative side, but unfortunately that's how things stand out sometimes. Keep up the good work!