Started multiple times but only played all the way through once, this is what I found:

- Multiple quests did not complete correctly for me. Karlach didn't act like I helped her out, quest is still sitting open in my quest log. Auntie Ethel never turned up in the last room with the girl in a cage. She might have been invisible but there's nothing indicating she is, so I just killed the girl to finish the quest. Unsatisfying. After clearing the way for the tieflings the head honcho wanted to party with me, which I agreed to, but nothing happened after that. Seems like there's a trigger missing here. VERY unsatisfying.

- I won't reiterate all the posts about the dominance of surfaces, you already know about this.

- Seems like ranged is absolutely king in the current iteration of the game, enabled by very easy advantage through height and melee characters not getting anything similar, unless you have one guy distracting. In general there are very few melee only enemies, and if there are they all are chucking fire/acid pots.

- As stated multiple times before, enemies should be differentiated by their intelligence. How does a Worg know to attack the Wizard that is already on the ground?

And finally:

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I've read bits and pieces of people saying that the reasoning is because people were missing too often, but that sounds to me like it's more of a problem with your random number generator. The average roll for a d20 is 10.5, so with a 16 or higher score in your attack stat, you should be hitting more often than not (+3 modifier, +2 proficiency bonus).


This x2.

oh, on the topic of Inventory

Being able to swap items around without restriction is very convenient. I just have to ask myself, why not go the Extra step and remove personal inventory entirely? Just one shared bag. And while you're at it, remove carry capacity too. Everyone and their mothers will mod it out anyway.

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