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Case: When killing all the goblin bosses before talking to Halsin.

* I am not able to get him to join me to fight the goblin bosses. He should simply say thanks and leave.
* I am able to access the rest of the goblin camp's areas and transition to the puzzle room whereby I can access the underdark.

* I am able to have Halsin join my group. This seems to bug out several dialogues, and even attempts to have him talk in bear form, which has several really wonky rendering issues.
* I am unable to enter any room or area with the 'gears pointer icon' as I am immediately shown the 'thank you' dialogue with Halsin, yet he remains as a guest/pet and this behavior repeats every time a zone change is attempted.

I had this bug happen to me as well. After the first thank you dialogue with Halsin I decided to fast travel out of the temple. Turns out that was not a good idea. After a few broken cutscenes, which I'm still surprised it got through, I now have no way of removing Halsin from my party and he is eternally stuck in bear form and I am still able to have his human dialogue with this bear form.