I havent played an excessive amount as of yet but I kind of agree. To the arguement "well, they have a parasite in their brain! Ofcourse theyre on edge!" I just have to say; its a game. In the real world we would all be panicking and act out irrationally but I kinda dont want that aspect to be so present. But if that is essential to all companions then the set-up is a mistake? There are no fun-loving, quirky live-and-let-live characters because they're all terrified of turning into a grotesque monsters. They let you behave in a nonchalant, cheerful or easy-going way, but all your companions feel antagonistic.. perhaps not Gale but the rest of them seem to always look for a challange.

An example of how you can behave in a way that isnt "This is super serious, OMG I have a parasite IM GOING TO DIE AAAAAAAH" and when I laughed out loud is when you first meet the devil and he keeps waxing about your soul or whatever... and one of the options is simply: *sit down and start eating*. I wish there were more of that, so far Larian has done alot to those who want to play a more carefree character (which is my favorite, the arrogant wizard who is autistically focused on some dumb detail instead of the overarching plot, or the fun-loving "Jack Sparrow" swashbuckling character where nothing is serious)

And I'm quite certain we wont see any more companions (as some suggest). As Larian has comfirmed, our group will be permanent once we leave Act 1 so I dont see them cramming in another 10 characters with equal dept, with voice acting ect. Maybe 1 or 2 more. This is by far the biggest detriment to the game in my opinion.