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Her design isn't impressive and doesn't show she is a priestess of Lolth (no spider emblem, armor is generic)

She's a priestess of the Absolute, not Lolth (sadly frown ). I agree with you on other points. Appearance-wise she's not all that impressive. Attitude-wise, she's ok. Your standard run-off-the-mill drow female who thinks she's all that, but actually isn't. Someone mentioned earlier that she was Jarlaxle's cousin - so a Baenre priestess serving a deity other than Lolth...interesting, I wonder what her backstory is.

She doesn't really remind me of Viconia, except for her skin tone, the fact she's a Drow, and that she used "jaluk" on me :P

She has potential, though. I hope they fix her appearance at least.