For many of the reasons listed here and more I personally would rather not play with the set NPS'c. The main reason for me however is not the mindless dribble interactions, it's the combat piece. The makeup of the team is horrible and doesn't at all fit my playstyle. Using this link and creating my own party was 1000 times more enjoyable. I got rid of all the annoying NPC interactions and was able to focus on the mission at hand only having conversations where I felt necessary.

But the huge perk was making a combat tactical party that not only fit my playstyle, it allowed me to make short work of the enemy. Combat was extremely more enjoyable on the 2nd playthrough and I spent 100 times more time utilizing each character to stick and move while using stealth tactics.

So whether you want to play a magic heavy group or a stealthy rouge group, or just something in-between I strongly suggest using the link. Hopefully Larian will just make this an option at launch for people like me and I'm sure many others who would much rather play this way.

My experience is however, for some reason developers love to try and pigeon hole players into a play style "They" feel is fun? *Shrugs*

And ultimately some bootlicking fan boy is going to chime in on why I shouldn't play a game the way I enjoy playing it. =/

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