I have to say everyone is complaining about the characters I personally love. Wyll + Astarion are super cool. Shadowheart is already dead forever in my playthrough so in the end everyone has their own point of view.

My only problem is with the limited interactions between the characters random trash talks seem ....misplaced. There is too little interactions for strong emotions to make sense. Those who stay at the camp literally don't see you the whole day and then just behave like angry muppets when you come in. It's very silly after me.

Look at the relations in BG2 with even "evil " characters. Some people despised Khorgan or Edwin but they were consistent. They weren't mean because they were angry at you they were just as straightforward and egoistic as they humanly could. For those who don't know them you can find their voicelines on youtube. Some of them are hilarious. Mostly Edwin. And they always acted in consequence of this fact. Because that's how they were. Shadowheart isn't " strong and independent" or "egoistic". She's heavily retarded. She's not gaining anything from behaving like a muppet, she doesn't give much to your team and yet demands so much patience. It's a toxic relationship and she had to die for it.

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.