Really!?! People get mad about everything. "People are making white male characters! Heresy"; "Lariam hates white males, did you see their statement? Talk about a way to alienate your playerbase. I know what game i won't be playing!" "They show breasts but where is the love for the female players?" (Like guys with muscles or 5% body fat don't have their shirts off constantly in media, and if you've listened to women talk, they Abso-fricken-lutely objectify us) "Oh my goodness it's X-rated! Seriously, kids might play this!" What're these people, Tipper Gore? Grow up. We have women running around naked on the news at protests, or just sitting there with their legs spread in front of police in the former "Chaz zone". Don't you dare show a noodle or naked female bum in BG though. Don't you do it. Oh, you want to light 9 year old goblin kids on fire and toss them into the Underdark a mile below? Sure, that's fine. But no female bums, or human kids. Torture any other race or adult though, that's fine. Also, if there is romance, it should be written by someone who's at least written a thesis on the mating rituals of Infernalkin and Mountain Dwarves. It should have gone through peer review for accuracy and formal discussion as all this simplistic connect the dots for a little loving is just not up to par. Pft, I think we all work hard enough for relationships in real life, I honestly don't want _that_ in my rpg. Make it a fun mini-game of sorts. This isn't a girlfriend simulator, and honestly, I don't want one (A girlfriend sim, I have a real one here and she's enough work)

I hope the romance scenes that are in the game so far (that I've seen while playing) are a severly cut back version of what we will see in the final product. I'd absolutely prefer mature romance scenes to a hug, kiss, fade to black. CDPR will let you sleep with a guy with boobs, and show it all, but this game is already getting flack and they've show nothing in the actual game. The violence would receive an "M" warning if it was a TV show. The romance scenes are PG at most so far.

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