After over 130 hours I actually like most of them. Astarion just rubs me the wrong way with his snooty voice and speaking manner, so I rarely use him. He sulks like a child.

Shadowheart is okay, I got the approval for the drinking wine, etc. after the party on one playthough. I think the bit about her past is going to come back up, like maybe - just maybe - she did not really believe what she thinks she does.

Lae'Zel is pretty straight forward and I can see where she is coming from. Of all the companions SHE understands and is most repulsed by what a tadpole means. Her people were changed from their original stock to be slaves for the Illithid. They have no concept of a historic home. Even should they find the plan/world they came from they would not recognize it anymore or its people. They hate the Illithid with every fiber of their being and to turn into one would be the ultimate horror. So she is focused on getting the damned thing out. Her people tell her there is ONE way to do so, you have to go to get 'Purified'. (IMO that is going to mean killed). So, if you think about her in that light, yeah I can totally see how she is not happy if you take time to help other people as to her, each second you waste is her getting closer to being a MindFlayer abomination.

Gayle is an okay guy, his addiction to magic items can be somewhat irritating (NO Gayle, you are NOT getting my sword!) but I like him.

Wyll is actually kind of fun to have around (he hits on Lae'Zel and when that fails, starts in on Shadowheart). I actually could see playing through once as him.

as far as romance favor goes - Lae'Zel does not like ANYTHING to do with Shadowheart, so the more you try and make happy with Shadowheart the more Lae'Zel will dislike you. (And I am pretty sure it works both ways). Lae'Zel will wear you out after the party if you have her approval. Shadowheart is a slower burn and wants to talk / drink some wine with a kiss in the morining. Gayle and Astarion are apparently horndogs and want you no matter what. Every playthrough they hit on me at the party. Wyll seems more (so far for me anyway) subdued.

But Shadowheart, Gayle and Astarion Approve you petting the doggy, so there is that. Piss one of them off and go to camp and pet the doggy some.