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PS: I lost Halsin in that fight so I reloaded and killed her again just for good measure.

In all seriousness, just going by your screenshot as I have yet to have a conversation with her myself, I don't think she is a good representation of a female Drow from Menzobarranzan. First off, her hair looks like she has a mop on her head. Hairstyle is important and a mark of standing in Drow society. She looks like a male with shoulder length hair. No noble female Drow would wear their hair like that. Also, her skin is far too pale for a Drow. She looks like Astarion without the curls. Drow are called dark elves for a reason.

I agree with the hair. Drow take great pride in their hair but in fairness she might not be of noble lineage. I can't see a noble drow being so easily turned from Lloth. According to the forgotten realms wiki drow can actually be albino too, which is what I like to make my MC. Her skin though is a bit light for the usual drow. I do kinda like that they do have more variation for their skin tones tho. Like in a lot of irl cases, where you live affects your colour, could be the case for drow on the surface too. idk, these are just nitpicks, especially for a character I'll kill every time. Dirty traitor!

She is an adept of house Baenre apparently. On the subject of hair, I do wish we had some more 'fancy noble' hairstyles available. We have a great range, but I do love some intricate noble updo styles, especially on female Drow.

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