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And ultimately some bootlicking fan boy is going to chime in on why I shouldn't play a game the way I enjoy playing it. =/

Because only one of us can be right and it is obviously me.

I will create a huge post full of words but little content that you are unlikely actually read, I will confuse the issue and sidetrack so much that you forget what the argument was originally about.

I will use inflammatory and insulting words, but squeal 'foul' if I cam take one of your points out of context and say that it is an attack on me.

And I'll link to a string of irrelevant websites to prove, PROVE mind you, that I am right!

Yes, if we can fill threads with huge posts by us and discourage anyone else from participating then we win early access. It's definitely not a bad faith attempt to try to highjack this specific development style and anyone who is regularly combative is not a bad actor.

edit: As for the topic at hand. I really think it's just ruby tinted glasses. People remember BG1 and BG2 really fondly and likely played them when they were younger and more forgiving of things. Now they've built up amazing unmeetable standards for what they want in the game and the characters have fallen short. Now they're going to fight tooth and nail because somehow they really believe they're going to trigger Larian to do emergency rewrites or something.

This idea that Shadowheart is some terrible character and Morrigan is some amazing piece of writing is some kind of really personal opinion. It's valid to the person who feels this way, but it's clearly steeped in bias. Same thing for Astarion being dumb and Edwin being some amazing layered character.

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