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Yeah, sorry about that, I caught the "racial" mention on a second read through of your post. My bad, never post before a third cup of coffee, I guess. That might be worse than posting drunk...

Yeah, no problemo my man. wink But like I said, they don't have to write the story of your PC, your background should already define that. Aside from giving you a bunch of 'free' proficiencies. Then they could expand that - like with the entertainer - were you a part of circus, a singer in a tavern or something else? Being given a limited choice would be nice. Also, the entertainer coming up in dialogue with that bard tiefling chick in the Druid Grove would make sense, no?

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That said, I don't sure how much they really "steal the spotlight" in practice, even if it's true in theory. I'll be happy to hear some examples if any of you guys have any.

Do you really want me to talk about how special Gale is and how his entire backstory not only steals the spotlight of the PC, but he's so damn special that he needs a contingency plan for when he dies (what given his backstory makes sense ofc)?

The man, the legend, the second coming of Elminster and Khelben, man who is on par with the greatest wizards ever known because he was a chosen of Mystra, he made love to a goddess but clearly, his love making skills weren't enough for the goddess dumped him, so he got stuck trying to woo her back by getting that big bad Netherese time bomb stuck in his chest, requiring him to suck magic or it goes boom super sonic.

Then there is Shadowheart, with her amnesia and purple sparkly magic, which I will bet is some sort of connection to the Shadow Weave. But still, nobody steals the spotlight as much as Gale does. Like legit, Astarion or even Wyll don't even come close to Gale. So far, Lae is the most normal of the whole bunch, given she's a githyanki of course.

Not what I meant. What I meant was, how many times the story had to stop because of your companions? I can think of two small things that happened with shadowheart, Wyll and the goblins, and Layzel with the gith. But other than that, for most of the game they have no major affect of what's actually going on

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