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"These characters are poorly written" isnt a fact, and isnt even an argument. Plus you'll just whine about ad hominem, incorrectly say everything you cant counter is a fallacy, and ignore the substance of any challenge. Its what you "debate me you coward" types always do. So, keep typing up long responses that will amount to nothing.

Oh dear little man, you are not helping your case. Are you aware that this thread has more than one page and that there was discussion before you loudly burst in to measure the length of your member? I would have tried to conceal mine if it was so frail and lackluster. Go play somewhere else.

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Origin characters are bad. They are poorly designed, poorly written and poorly thought out. You can find reasons for this all over the forums. They where bad in DivOS2 but in BG3 they are absolutely trash tier.

Are you basing this on your inability to follow a narrative, or your inability to pick up on subtext?

I'm basing it on your inability to play the game without savescumming.

Citations needed. Oh, my bad, I mean, provide some evidence for my inability to play the game w/out save scumming.

You show me yours I'll show you mine baby.

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I am here to discuss a video game. Please do not try to rope me into anything other than that. Thank you.