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Not what I meant. What I meant was, how many times the story had to stop because of your companions? I can think of two small things that happened with shadowheart, Wyll and the goblins, and Layzel with the gith. But other than that, for most of the game they have no major affect of what's actually going on

So you want specific encounters were companions take over the conversation? Fine.

Astarion with the Gur monster hunter, if you don't let Astarion kill him, Astarion will get big mad at you, 99% chance that encounter will turn violent regardless (if you refuse to kill that Gur guy, high chance you might end up fighting Astarion instead). Then there is Lae with her githyanki patrol, that scene plays out entirely differently if you have her with you or sitting in a camp. Shadowheart and her purple stuff highjacking some scenes, her being big mad at you for daring to open that Selunite cache at the owlbear cave. Wyll being Wyll at the goboo camp, making nearly all encounters deadly, cause of the way he trashtalks 'em, like with the priestess Gut he's like 'oh, let's kill her!' and you can either tell him to cool down and interrogate her (will make him big mad at you) or kill her cause a big chain fight. Same goes for all the globlin leaders, it would be nice if he let us ask questions first and then kill them. Find out what the absolute is and what it wants with us. And I'm sure there is more.

All true but all of these (with perhaps the gith encounter as the only exception) are not really big part of the story and are very similar to companions quests in other games. They are more extensive, but I think it's a plus rather than a minus. My only real issue is with Wyll's case, that gave me serious Dos2 vibes. It wasn't as bad as in dos 2 (let me remind you - you meet the dreamer and than the Red Prince not only takes over, you don't even hear what they Re talking about and just stand like a dofus until they are done). Still, I think, again, that the problem here is with event flags. The game should accommodate the fact that you are the main character better, and let you more choices in these cases.

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