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Like I don't mind them having their own little tangents and stories. What I mind is that our PC doesn't under any circumstance interfere in any meaningful way - like, you either have a) yes, kill them and b) no, let them live, where are the other options? Like 'let's question/torture this mofo' where our chosen backstory could play a part in it. For example - a criminal could say, 'let's torture them, cut off their fingers one by one, get more info out of them' meanwhile an acolyte of a good god would be like 'let's do it quick and end their suffering' (if you choose to question and then kill someone). There are so many ways our PC could meaningfully interject aside from: yes or no (and sometimes the very rare maybe).

Really don't know if I want writing cycles spent on giving us brutal torture/mutilation scenes for each companion. I agree that some of it's a little stiff, like with Shadowheart and
the artefact
but I'm not sure if that's more just a lack of scenes or what. If you pickpocket it you can't question her about it more either.

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