The basic problem with RTWP has been, and always will be, companion AI.

RTWP is superior for a solo-run. I think we could agree on that in general. If you controlled one character, or one character and a sort of half-character like Diablo or some other systems with single "companions" or summons, then RTWP works. It's quick, you can react just fine, your actions feel snappy, combat feels responsive, we could go on.

But when you have large parties? Be prepared to either take a lot of sub-optimal actions, make a lot of poor tactical choices, or macro or spam pause like a loon.

Now, some people are arguing that you should feel that way. Maybe they compare it to StarCraft, lrn2 micro. I'm not playing StarCraft, I'm playing DnD. I don't want a starcraft experience.

Some people are arguing that turn-based combat has no flaws. It does. There are, indeed, some...eccentricities of turn based combat that make no sense. This is glaring right now with no reactions-but in general, its why the stealth system is broken. It's simultaneously hard to sneak attack enemies that should be easy to sneak attack because of the clunky interface between Real time and turn based modes, and way to easy to clear dungeons because you can hit and run out of sight too easily and the AI can't handle it-which they would be more adept at doing if it were RTWP.

Hence, neither system is perfect. However here's the key and what makes this such a non-debate for me: Turn based is how DnD is.

This is, fundamentally, a DnD game. Yes, it's got the baldur's gate title on it, which were RTWP. Baldur's gate is remembered as nearly perfect, but it did have its flaws, and that system was part of it. What helped matters was that BG 1/2 were so easy that you could honestly just build everyone right, then glob/melee 90% of encounters to death and pause for careful maneuvering with the one or two enemies that can hurt you. This game has strange balance right now, but so much has changed between editions that that kind of doesen't really work anymore. Also, if I want RTWP, there are lots of other options in recent years that are really solid titles-I get wanting more, but not every game has to be the same just because its an RPG.

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