There’s a Fextra article on building rangers that says Colossus Slayer and Hunters Mark do not stack.

After doing some testing the last half hour or so they do... kind of. Not in the way that you’d think and it’s not all that impressive.

So for those of you two weapon fighting, Colossus Slayer rolls a whole second attack. If you have Hunters Mark cast, it applies an additional 1d6 to the CS attack.

Meanwhile, neither CS nor Hunters Mark apply to JUST an off-hand attack. Which is weird.

So Horde Breaker allows you to double attack two different enemies, while CS allows you to essentially do two attacks on one person. Horde breaker is basically as good as dual wielding without the second weapon, and CS is actually better given that it stacks with HM and 1d8 is better than a scimitar.

Rethinking my build now. Two weapon fighting is immediately outpaced, as is carrying a second weapon at all. From the meta standpoint it’d be better for the second attack to have its own health pool, ie an animal.

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