Here's my thoughts so far, after having played the game for a while.

We need more animations for each weapon's normal attack, and special moves needs to have more varied animations. So far I only see 2-3 different attack animations in total with each weapon, and the normal attack animation is always the same. That is such a big part of the feel of the game, that it really needs to have more variation.

The camera feels flimsy. Like when you are centered and on camera-follow on one of your characters, and you then switch to another character, it wont automatically center and camera-follow on that character. There has to be a lock/unlock button when it comes to the camera so that it doesn't just jump from one perspective to another without the player intentionally wanting that.

Another thing regarding the camera is that, while in the camera-follow mode centered around your character, you cannot turn the camera upward enough in order to see enemies that are above your character. You'll have to use the overhead-camera for that, which is awful. I don't like the overhead-camera. I need to be able to look upward while in the close-up 3rd-person perspective.

A third thing about the camera. I would like if there were two extra on/off features in the Options:
1: One feature where the camera automatically centers on the front-vision of the enemy during the enemy's turn, rather than you automatically view the frontal body of the enemy and only see the enemy casting a spell at the air (because you will need to manually turn the camera in order to see where the enemy is casting at as the camera doesn't follow the enemy's direction of view).
2: And another feature where your camera will stay on your own character in the middle of an enemy's turn, so that your camera wont jump to an enemy but will constantly be staying on whatever character you camera is centered on.
I don't like that the camera decides for me what I am supposed to be looking at. I need to have my camera be entirely within my own control.

We need to have full information in the Character Sheet screen. I can't see the current amount of Experience Points my characters have, or how much is required for Level Up.

I need to have an onscreen indicator that I have Advantage for a current roll or not. Like in conversations. Please make it so that Advantage in rolls is visibly noted down. Otherwise I will not have any feeling for the importance of Advantage in Conversations. The same should really go for all checks, but in things like Stealth checks, the "Advantage" note could just be mentioned in the Combat Log.

The Combat Log/Textbox in the lower righthand corner of the screen, needs to be able to mention everything that goes on, not just what happens in Combat and EXP gains only. It should in the Options also be possible to have enabled conversations in this Textbox, so that you can see what your companions randomly said while moving about, or from what was said during conversations.

The conversations with your companions that can be had at Camp, can be missed out on if you don't go to Camp emidiately after new objectives have been reached. Like for example, the Conversation with Shadowheart about how it's "our last evening together" before looking for the Druid Halsin. That conversation happens when I've been poisoned by the Healer Nettie. However, if I cure myself from the poison before going to Camp, I will have missed that conversation with Shadowheart. And the conversation is completely unrelated to me being poisoned, so it makes no sense to miss it if I cure the poison.
And I have had other conversations that were missed if I did or didn't go to camp at some seemingly random time. It just isn't fun to have to go to Camp right after each objective has been met for anything, in fear of missing out on conversations.

Also, companions can miss out on conversations that they would have otherwise commented in, because they for some reason were a meter too far away when the conversation started. Make it so that companions will continue to run towards your character even after a Conversation has begun, in order for this to not happen.

Longsword is supposed to be usable both in 1-hand and in 2-hands, but currently you can only use a Longsword as a 1-handed if you hold a shield. You cannot choose to use it as a 1-handed with an empty off-hand. And you can't equip a Dagger in the off-hand. Please make it so that Longsword can be toggled to 1-handed and 2-handed on the go, through the duelwield switch below your Attacks menu.

I second the suggestion that the youtuber
ProJared came with regards to how crafting should being able to alter each part of a currently-owned weapon or an armor, just like what we saw in Neverwinter Nights 1. That was so so good in that game!
And also coloring of your clothes/robes/armor/hoods needs to be an option in the inventory, in order for there to be more possibility of characters looking different from oneanother. Just like in the original Baldur's Gate games.

Regarding the Hunter's Mark spell of Rangers. Please make the animation be a Ranger-looking animation, rather than it being a generic spellcasting animation. The spells like Hail of Thorns and Ensnaring Strike used Ranger-looking animations, or atleast it wasn't spellcasting animations. I love that with Ensnaring Strike, your character holds the weapons out and does a chant before striking. I would love for Hunter's Mark to be similar, rather than Hunter's Mark looking like a normal wizard-like spellcasting animation.

The Spellbook needs to be an actual book rather than a boring inventory-like menu. Larian made so cool books in this game. Atleast make the Spellbook like that too!

Casting a spell from a scroll should have it's own scroll-using animation, similar to casting a spell from a scroll in Neverwinter Nights 1. And casting a spell from a wand should also have a wand-using animation.

I LOOVE the Speak with Animals spell and how you can practically have a conversation with every nonhostile animal you meet! That is so well done! This should also be the case for Speak with Dead.

Also the coloring of Eldritch Blast is boring. And it should have some appearance altering when using different types of Eldritch Blasts depending on your Eldritch Blast-oriented feats. We saw that in Neverwinter Nights 2 and it's easy to implement. It should be more interesting to look at.

About the spell Witch Bolt: Reactivating Witch Bolt the next turn right after having cast it, shouldn't have to go through the casting animation all over again. That makes it look and feel like you are simply recasting Witch Bolt, which isn't what that spell is supposed to look and feel like. It's supposed to look and feel like you are maintaining the spell, not recasting it. Also, it looks really weird that the bolt isn't coming from your hand while you are maintaining it or during the turns of others. Couldn't you make it so that it's the character's hand/hands that the bolt is channeled from, and that the hand/hands stays up and pointing towards the enemy, for as long as the spell is maintained? That would also look much cooler even when moving while maintaining the spell (unless ofc you make it in a way where the hand will go right through your character's body if you turn around while maintaining the spell. Just make it so that the hand will stop going further than the torso when turning around while maintaining the spell.