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Not everyone wants to load those Mods, though. They are an ideal compromise between not wanting the developers distracted into adding content or features that might delay release or break the budget, and those who want the features included in the Mods to have them available.

I, for example, have no interest in playing a goblin so would prefer the developers to work on other areas. That said, I don't want those who really want a playable goblin to miss on what they want. Mods are a nice middle ground.

Not rly my point, my point is giving the players options, Larian will release the full Players Handbook content, they already said that, also, they said they're looking at other dnd books for content, but isnt their priority, my point is, the comunity alredy post some feedback on the forum, Character Creation and Party size come to mind, the game still young, they dont rly have the Full act 1 done! they have it playable, thats all, the game is to realease at least in a year from now, and this is the earliest.
Im just trying to give them some points, if the mod comunity can make, thats awesome, i play bethesda games so...