At the goblin camp gates where goblin "sentinel olak" is after you fight him and destroy the drum preventing the 3 other goblins behind the gate to join the fight after the fight is finished you move forward and if the 3 goblins behind the gate attack you, after that fight one of your party members become hostile to you (familiar, animal companion or one of your party members), i notice this because turn based combat dose not end and if i walk pased the one that becomes hostile to me they hit me with an opertunity attack(fyi: also, you can controll the one hostile to you as well), if the one hostile to you is a familiar of a animal companion and you kill it combat ends, BUT! if you resummon it combat/turn based mode will again resume.

Steps to reproduce:
1) get into combat with "sentinel olak"
2) destroy the drum
3) kill all ending combat
4) go up to the 3 goblins beond the gate ("novice sluck", "novice wasp" and "novice tud"), they will attack
5) kill them
6) SEE BUG: combat dose not end, walk past everyone in your party and one of them will oppertunity attack you.
if its a summon, kill it, and see combat end, re summon it, combat resumes.

I have found a workaround for this by engaging combat alone leaving your party members far back, if you fight them alone no one becomes hostile to you and combat ends as normal, than you can play as normal after that.