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Mods are great, but there's a difference in depth between some of these mods which have been done in three weeks, and content which by the time of release will have been worked on for three years.

The Playable Goblins mod will not have any NPC's or characters react to Custom Character goblins freely wandering around the streets of Baldur's Gate, though, because that's a lot of content and reactivity which needs to be put into the game, which costs time and money.

The expanded Party Size will most likely not rebalance every encounter in the game for the higher player size, nor will it make it easier to move around in combat.

Looks like a lot of ppl think im ''calling out'' Larian, im not, i love their work on BG3 EA, im just saying, they could use the Nexus as another place to gather feedback, just they are doing here, and the reviews on Steam and GOG as they said