I mean, I'm complaining about companions because some of them are either bugged or very poorly written or just not implemented properly yet. Shadowheart is the perfect example I've been using for many reasons, but namely that regardless of what actions you take, what you say in dialogue, what character you create, she remains completely the same in the end:
Example #1 Attempting to save her on the ship gives you one nice response that suggests she'd be friendly, but then she reverts to the exact same character as if you didn't. Example #2 Maxing approval rating and picking "appropriate" dialogue responses throughout the entire gameplay leads to the exact same opinion no matter what. To expand on that, dialogue during her Shar stuff or whenever she glows yields responses that suggests she likes the PC, is friendly towards PC, shares almost the same opinions on things, etc., but then she reverts back to the same old Shadowheart and says, "You're not the company I'd keep." When you progress to the celebration, you're able to get cozy with her and she even says "You should have made a move sooner", but when? When she was telling you to screw off or that you're not someone she'd associate with? Then you spend the whole night talking and kiss, etc. only for her to, the next morning, say "That won't ever happen again" or continue to react to the PC in the EXACT same way.

Her build and stats are poorly done, there's not much to build upon with her yet, her attitude sucks and you can't build upon that at all, etc. Then the dice roll mechanic during dialogue only compounds the issues.

There's similar issues with all the companions with the best one thus far for development, response to choices, etc. seeming to be Gale. Then there's the limited number of companions with some merely expressing a desire for more than 8 because the 8 that we know of aren't up anyone's ally, but that's personal preference.