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Ohhh it's mature! darker and better.

Ok, "mature" was a rather... strange word to use. It does take it's world and the rules more seriously, though, and that's something Larian could definitely take a page out ouf. You don't need to razzle dazzle your players with pretty lights to make a faithful D&D game...

Take a look at the Fextralife first impressions video for the game, and then look what people complain about around here: It's basically a point for point list of mistakes Larian made and Tactical Adventures didn't.

Ah, I was in no way comparing narrative or storytelling, that's a different topic for me altogether.
Here, I was really only referring to rules implementation, systems, UI etc., and in the sense that they have spent quite some time on those things for it to be in a more 'matured' state compared to what my impression of BG3's current iteration is. smile