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I prefer to save a lot and I've never been a fan of the dice rolls in RPGs, especially if there's just a succeed/fail type of either/or scenario at stake. This thread makes me think of something the novelty dicemaker in Disco Elysium says about the subject.... But luckily "save scumming" is a way to avoid the issue with the rolls.

Being able to save anywhere is also a good hedge against, crashes, being called away for some reason, power outages, hitting the wrong key, A have recently heard a let's player note that he never does anything Ironman because it just opens up vulnerability to far too many technical issues.

Also, I find that a of CRPGs give the dice influence over things that I would tend to never give them influence over if I am running a game. This is largely because a computer can't do spot adjudication of circumstances the way a human GM can, so I understand it, but "make die rolls matter" is sort of undermined in this case for me by the thoughts "that shouldn't be a die roll".

Still, again, I'm not opposed to this being an option at all...let people play the way want to play. I just will absolutely oppose the idea of plentiful saves being removed entirely.

Yeah, there are plenty of good reasons to save a lot. I just picked the main one for me, since I wanted to keep the comment short and sweet.

Forcing the ironman mode on everyone or severely limiting saves usually just amounts to policing the playerbase for enjoying the game wrong, especially in RPGs. It's the cRPG version of not giving the "bad players" of the sports team any playtime on the field.

The promise of being led to death is reason enough to follow.