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I've just played 2 hours of Solasta and for me it proves that trusting the 5E rules has paid off massively. It works brilliantly. No surface nonsense to constantly manage!
I feel the same, I played for 5 hours now and I enjoy the combat that stick to DnD 5e without the crazy poison, ice, fire surface everywhere... ALSO! The longrest and shortrest is well implemented (you need party ration to long rest, and a safe space) There is so more thing i can boast about how well they stuck to DnD 5e CORE RULES. Of course being a 17 people company their game does not look as pretty as BG3.

P.S. I LOVE their character design (the rolling for stats, choosing starting equipment, writing your own backstory for "flavor") A true DnD experience. I hope they have more character customization in the future.

I also enjoy not having range disadvantage or advantage.... today on my 5'th playthrough of BGS, I was fighting those Mesphrit and two of them hop onto the rock that leaves no room for any of my char. All of them had disadvantage against those two (26%) to hit, and i spent the next 20 mins trying to hit those two Mesphrit... In SOLASTA we don't have any of that, hooray, and they have the full cover, half cover, 1/4 cover rules like DND. They have shove, disengage, dodge as an ACTION! HOORAY, so you don't need to stand there when you could not do anything else on your turn, like a fighter for instance)

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