Translation, in case any English-speakers can help the OP (which unfortunately doesn't include me...)
Перевод, если англоговорящий может помочь с оригинальным постером (который, к сожалению, не включает меня ...) - "переведено" Google

Subject: How to remove the knockdown effect from the game?

I came to the conclusion that the following controls spoil the balance in the game: Frozen, Knockdown, stun, charm, petrification, sleep, etc. - all those that make it impossible. And a mirror.
How do I remove them from the game? Which file should be unpacked with which unpacker?

Maybe there is already a similar mod somewhere?

(And access to the Mirror must be done: 1 time on each island. For example - through an object. Found an object, showed it to the "mirror" - got access to it for 1 time. There are only three such items in the game to do. Bo mirror - cheating.)

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