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I think a part of it is Tactical Adventures had nothing so why not use the rules that WotC gave them where Larian had all this stuff already working so fell into the temptation of using what they already had and tweak it to fit 5e. BG3 is prettier but SCotM feels more like a true tabletop 5e experience.

It will be interesting to see if Larian will be willing to embrace the 5e rules to make BG3 a better game though that would be a huge amount of work for them.

I really hope SCotM is successful and would love to see what Tactical Adventures could do if they had Larian's resources.

I plan to play both games, 2021 looking to be a good year.

I hope nothing but the best for this company who is making Solasta. They did not hit their kickstarter goal to include the sorcerer in their AE (my favorite class). I can only imagine right now what they could of done if they had resources like Larian. Them sticking to the DnD 5e rule almost 1:1 has been amazing and fun to play! Also, them showing use the dice roll for everything above our character is a great idea! (you can choose to turn this off). No more getting frustrated with 95% to hit but missing. YOu can see what what you roll. Brownies points all around.

The sorcerer is being released as free DLC, other classes will be paid DLC if it sells well

Exciting! I can't wait.