I agree almost 100%, I never liked the alignment system in DnD. And I like it even less in video games because it is, as far as I am aware, never done well. It is either over done to the point it makes no sense (Pathfinder:kingmaker) or just too black and white if its Good v Evil spectrum. It tends to run into issues of "you said X so alignment shifts" unless you add a (lie) option for literally every dialogue option that becomes a bit of a mess. Reputation systems tend to do better to represent the same basic thing. But I, as I said, dislike the alignment system. Many bad DMs take it as a rule rather than some fluid thing that a character can be.

Besides that yeah. Cheated is actually a pretty good word to use here. Is BG3 good? Absolutely. Is it DnD? Hahahha... you serious? It certainly lacks the DnD aspects in not just feel and mechanics but just.. general lore stuff. Like how easily fixable the tadpole issue is yet party never considers it. Die and rez. The guy who does basically true resurrections in camp would be good enough. And going by how angry many Forgotten Realms lore nerds are I... yeah I can sort of see why. There's a lot wrong on that end too. But that's highly unlikely to be Larians fault, probably more so WotC since they are no doubt in charge of lore oversight.

I also absolutely (pun intended) adore DOS2 and cant wait for Heroes but... kind of bought BG3 for the DnD part. Honestly I'd much rather Larian drops BG3 or never did and made DOS3 or Heroes. That excites me more.

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