I am also a huge DOS fan and D&D PnP and cRPG fan for 20+ years. I want the games to be true to form and succeed in their respective differences...not all be the same.

I do slightly disagree with your #3 -- Yea, it's a big deal to be in hell on a nautiloid and all those fireworks at level 1...but it's really just a story set up of "you're involved in something important, even though you're level 1, but you don't know what or why."

It's similar in some respects to BG1 and 2 in that respect. Yeah, you're level 1, but the story is set up that you're in some deep $*#%, cause you're a lvl 1 CHILD OF BHAAL ;-)

Despite my slight nuance, excellent post and observations.

Developers, please consider the ramifications of NOT making this a more true DND cRPG.

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