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Yea, there is a Goblin in the back of the Tiefling camp. if you free her, she will offer to introduce you to Minthara. however there is no breadcrumbs leading you to her. I think thats where they could put in a lil work, somewhere between Zevlor and Wyll needs to be some kinda reference to the "Goblin prisoner, I wonder what they will do with her" or whatever. Essentially you have to al;ready know this stuff to take that route but they could do a better job leading new players to the encounter. Ironically, its the goodie good route that would have you saving her life though, so its kinda counter intuitive

Someone mentioned in another thread that it felt weird not having the option to side with Kagha. I kinda agree. She feels VERY evil and it kinda feels weird taking down the grove as the "evil" route when the grove is being subverted by an evil druid to begin with

If you go to the top of the gate a tiefling will flip out over her dead comrade and say she’s going to kill the goblin prisoner. If you follow her she’ll lead you right to Sazza who you have to pass some checks to save.

So... kinda ham fisted but the bread crumbs are there. She should call for help to bring you up to the top of the gate or something. Instead at the gate entrance you can hear a couple arguing... makes no sense narratively or in fact, because the gate is physically closer. Also, observing that and following her means having to pass checks, but if you walk back on your own you don’t.

An event, like a trial or scheduled execution would be a lot better way to intro Sazza, without literally having to chase someone there... but idk, far from the worst contrivance.

I freed Sazza thinking I’d get a free trip into Goblinville and kill the leader... but she darts once you’re out of the grove, and runs right past 3 absolute followers with no interaction. Given how long it takes to navigate through the map-maze, I agree there should be a more direct way to run straight to the dark side.

That’s unfortunate they just turn on you so that the chapter can wrap up. That was like every chapter in Dragon Age 2. Making choice simply the order in which you wipe out both sides...hate that.