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Highly unlikely since 99% played D:OS 2. All the people i know abuse it to death.

Never played any of those.
I will break and abuse the crap out of anything in early access/beta in the hopes it will be fixed.
If this barrel stuff remains in full release I would not use it because I like to pretend npcs have at least some intelligence and would definitely become suspicious of all the furniture moving.
There are definitely a lot of things that need to be changed before release.

We can pretend all we want but the A.I. is still going to be retarded in the end because "Design Choices". Just like i can't ask the goblins to not spam throwables or arrows all the time even if i cripple myself. Most ppl don't understand the real issue here.

Let's Race to The High Ground: The Game.

In my tabletop we dont use flanking rules or higher ground rules or anything unless abilities do anything special like that. If they were to remove the additional bonus to hit from the Z axis that would make people not just want to always climb. At that point the benefit of being high up is wasting others resources for them to be able to attack.


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